Sunday, 29 April 2012

Heavy silence!

Here I am sitting on my bed, dreaming about you, dreaming about the times we have spent, dreaming about my wish of finding you near...I have so many things to express...yet they remain lack of words to suit them! Not a single day passes by without you on my mind...
I miss you....
But, I miss you more when, you don`t understand what my 'silence' speaks...
How I wish, someday at some point of time, you will listen to my `silence`-the silence so deeply rooted in my heaped up with emotions unexpressed.
Tears on the linoleum floor
Pain sewn into the staid armchair
Cries in the hallway
Happiness pushed into the corner
of the dusty book shelf
True emotions pulverised
Words left unspoken.
Silence left hidden!

My `heavy silence`!!

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